About Us

Welcome to Jesco Products Lapidary Supplies. Jesco Products offers only TOP quality, straight graded silicon carbide grit for consistent results time after time.

Jesco Products is located in Oklahoma. We provide only top quality grit, polishing products, and tumbling supplies.

Jesco Products also provides Dental Lab Products such as abrasives, die material, lab stone, plasters, mounted stones, burs and diamonds, investments, waxes, ultasonics and other dental lab products. Click here to find out more about our dental lab products.

Pinhigh Direct, a division of Jesco Products, provides premixed and ready-to-use lapping compounds. This product is available directly through Pinhigh Direct, or through distributors in your area. It is even available to home owners. Click here to find out more about our lapping compounds.

You can reach us at:

Toll free outside the Oklahoma City calling area - 800-422-4748
Phone - 405-943-1721; Fax - 405-943-0783
E-mail Us at: shop@jescoproducts.com