Pinhigh Direct

Pinhigh Lapping Compound:
The perfect way to sharpen Reel Mowers!

->Completely premixed and ready to use Pinhigh saves time -- eliminates waste!
->Formulated with quality minerals and water soluble gel
->Provides Clingability with Cleanablity -- easy water rinse off
->Non-toxic -- not harmful to the environment
->Packaged in wide mouth, resealable plasitc containers
->Available in all popular grit sizes from 50 to 220

For Homeowners: Pinhigh lapping compound comes in convenient 1 lb. and 5 lb. packages.


Pinhigh reel sharpening compound is now available to homeowners who like to sharpen their own blades. Pinhigh is available in two of the most popular grit sizes, 80 and 120, and comes in both 1 and 5 pound containers.

Pinhigh 80 grit is used on most reel mowers, and provides a medium finish, perfect for most home applications. Pinhigh 120 grit is recommended if you cut a little closer. It provides a finer finish than the 80 grit.

Pinhigh reel sharpening compound has been tested by two independent, EPA certified labs, and has been found to exceed standards set by the Santa Clara County, California, EPA branch.

Pinhigh is water soluble and environmentally safe.

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